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Inside the Cook County Sheriff's Office...
The Cook County Sheriff’s Office is a full service law enforcement agency serving Cook County Georgia. Cook County has 299.1 total square miles with a population of 15,771 citizens. The Sheriff is an independent constitutional officer and by function is statutorily charged with the responsibility of providing all primary law enforcement services to the entire county, including: civil and criminal process, limited service response, assistance to municipal agencies, crime prevention and victim assistance services.

The Sheriff is presently given the responsibility for administration and every day operation of the county jail and Sheriff’s training standards recognized by the state of Georgia.

The Sheriff is also statutorily charged with the responsibility for providing Court House Security for all sessions of the Cook County Superior, Probate and Magistrate courts within the county.

The Sheriff’s Office employs 48 full time and 7 part-time (27 Sworn, 23 Certified and 3 civilian) members. The office consist of uniform patrol (K-9 Narcotics), Investigations, Civil, Warrants, TAC Officer for the purpose of registering Sex Offenders and or other related task through the Georgia Criminal Informational Center, Office staff and a School Resource Officer in both our middle and high schools. These SRO’s work with the primary and elementary schools as well. The DARE program is taught in elementary school each term to all the 5th graders with a graduation ceremony concluding the course in April. Court room Bailiff’s are called to order twice a year for Jury Trials and throughout the year for Grand Jury hearing. The office has 2 volunteers that serve as a primary Inmate Chaplain and the other as primary Employee Chaplain.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office also works closely with the South Georgia Drug Task Force in an effort to keep our community drug free.

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