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If a crime is being committed…..DIAL 911 immediately
If you have any information about a felony crime that has been committed…..
Call the Sheriff's Office at 855-780-7979 or 229-896-5103 during normal business hours
  • Your information will be taken in strictest confidence.
  • Your identity will be protected and you will never have to give your name.
If you prefer, you can use the form below to email information to the Sheriff's Office...
  • Your information will be reviewed promptly by our office. We cannot reply to your submission; however, we appreciate the information that you have provided.
Thank you for helping stop crime in Cook County
Date of Crime
Crime Tip Information/ Please be as specific as possible. If you choose to add a phone number or email address for us to contact you, know that it will be kept stictly confidential.
The information I've provided on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that providing false information could subject me to fine, imprisonment, or both.
Using either method, callers and/or authors of emails should be as specific as possible in terms of the type of crime, time and date of occurrence, general information concerning the crime or activity, description of people involved and motor vehicles used.

Neither the Call In nor the Crime Tip email account are designed for filing official complaints with the Sheriff's Office and the public should not use either method to report emergency incidents or crimes in progress.

Routine police complaints should be filed by calling the Department at 229-896-7471 and requesting deputy assistance.

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